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Andrew and Barbara Brazier

Date Added: 31-10-2017

21 - 28 October
Week 1
As the 2017 season is coming to an end, Andrew Brazier and his wife are fishing the lake. Their first week has not been disappointing. The biggest Carp was a 42lbs Mirror, along with 6x 30s, biggest 38lbs, 27 1/2 Common Carp, 24lbs Sturgeon & 12lb Pike. Good luck Andrew Brazier for your second week at Etang Hirondelle!

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Short break & Brittany Ferries offer

Date Added: 23-10-2017

Brittany Ferries is offering cheap crossing for short stays, 4 days, prices start from 130.00 return. We also do have a code for a further discount.
If you would like a short break at Etang Hirondelle during the winter months, excluding Christmas/New Year weeks,please do not hesitate to contact us for prices !

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Andy & Mary

Date Added: 22-10-2017

14 - 21st October
Andy & Mary
Great to meet new clients & Etang Hirondelle didn't disappoint !
Andy & Mary's comments:
This is our first fishing holiday in France and what a great weeks holiday. Our first impression on arrival was - WOW - a spacious, comfortable Villa set on a beautiful lake.
Glen & Linda were perfect hosts, Glen with his knowledge of the lake and the fish and Linda and her culinary skills made the holiday very enjoyable.
Fishing wise, we had a mixed bag, our biggest fish was a 35lb Mirror , smashing my PB. Caught some lovely Common carp and another 30lb +
We are already looking at dates to come back in 2019.

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News from the lake

Date Added: 12-10-2017

Some great fish have been coming out this week, great fishing for Andy T.
Biggest Carp was yesterday just under 40lbs

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Rick & Nicki Woods

Date Added: 7-10-2017

30 Sept - 7 Oct

This is our 4th visit to Etang Hirondelle & as always we have had a fantastic time.
It was slightly later this year, so the weather had cooled, though we still had lovely sunny days.
Rick caught plenty of fish which included his PB 40lbs 8ozs Mirror Carp, 9x 30lbs+, plenty of20lbs+ & 3 Stugeon biggest at 22lbs.
Thank you Glen for photos took and being a great help landing the fish. Glen & Linda, once again, great hosts and Linda's food as always were amazing, in particular the gluten free bread & butter pudding.
Thank you for an amazing Holiday, already booked to come back 2018

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Andy T & his amazing first day

Date Added: 7-10-2017

A fantastic days fishing at Etang Hirondelle !

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Andy T's amazing first day cont......

Date Added: 7-10-2017

Andy T first day "Amazing" 6 fish, fished from Mid-day until 7pm, House swim. 2x 30s, biggest 35lbs, 24lb Sturgeon and 3x 20s , 1 Common carp at 23lbs and the Mirrors 21lb and 23lb.
Great weather too !

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Mike & Julia Sept

Date Added: 5-10-2017

We had an amazing week staying with Linda and Glen at their beautiful property. They are perfect helpful, considerate and friendly hosts which greatly enhances the
excellent facilities provided.

I don't fish, but was kept fully occupied enjoying walks and admiring the stunning woodlands surrounding the lake. The weather was very kind. Warm and sunny during the day, so I also had plenty of opportunity to amuse myself drawing and painting.
The evenings were a little chilly, but fine for eating outside with a jumper or sweatshirt. No light pollution whatsoever, which made star gazing quite magical.
The cottage is warm, comfortable and inviting with a wide variety of books for reading addicts like me.The kitchen is very stylish and fully equipped for those who like to cook. For those that don't, I can highly recommend the home cooked food prepared by Linda - Sunday roast was exceptional.
I may have been slightly influenced by the excellent (and relatively cheap) red wine we bought at the supermarket in Craon, but I think it is probably the best relaxing holiday I have ever had.

Now for the fishy bit.
Mike broke his PB on Mirrors, Commons and Sturgeon 8 times, including an amazing 45 lbs Mirror on the last day.
Never even seen a Sturgeon before, let alone caught one.
Glen said they take a little while to recover, but he didn't mention that it was going to take Mike longer, what a fight.
Fish caught.
Mirrors lbs 12,22,23,23,25,26,26,29,29,30,31,45.
Commons lbs, 8,10,11,16,17,18,26.
Sturgeon lbs, 21,21.

See you in June 2018.

Mike & Julia

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