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Derek & Maggie Stritton

Date Added: 18-09-2017

Derek Stritton & Maggie Stritton's comments, photos to follow soon.
Sept 2 - 16
We always have a great time when we stay at Etang Hirondelle, Glen & Linda are fantastic hosts. Linda's food was great as always. The weather was up & down with quite a lot of rain.
Fishing days only & also a few days out, the total caught was 39 fish.
2x 40s @ 41lbs & 40lbs 8oz
9X 30s 39 1/2lbs, 36lbs , 34lbs 2X 33lbs, 2x 32lbs 31lbs & 30lbs 8ozs all Mirrors.
9x 20s biggest 29lbs 12ozs including 3 Commons biggest 28lbs & a Grass carp at 25lbs.
Sturgeon was 22lbs
Great Holiday and we have already booked for next year

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Lee Douthwaite

Date Added: 4-09-2017

Lee Douthwaite 19 - 26 August
My Holiday....Where do I begin?
The lake ! What a sight, absolutely beautiful ! Didn't have time to change when I was into my first fish, a Sturgeon, what a fight! First one I have ever caught. That evening I caught a Mirror Carp weighing in at 33.5lbs, my previous was about 12lbs!!
Over the rest of the week, the days were hot and the fishing was more of an evening. Gary Gaynor caught a 36 1/2 lbs Mirror , I had my PB 38 1/2lbs Mirror, we also had a few other carp in the 20s. The week then sadly came to an end for me.
Thank you Gary Gaynor & Michala Hall for inviting me, one of the best weeks of my life!

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Andrew Brazier

Date Added: 3-09-2017

Andrew & Barabra Brazier 5 - 19 Aug
After last week I expected an anti-climax but the week started well with an evening session which saw 4 fish caught , the best a mirror of 35lb 4oz.
However on Monday the weather changed and it became extremely hot and humid and too uncomfortable to fish.
You may have gathered that I am not a "Hard core carp angler" but fish for fun.
Monday and Tuesday did not yield any fish but only fished for 3 hours in the evening.
Wednesday spent most of the day visiting charity shops and picking up some very good bargains.
One sturgeon caught on wednesday evening.
Thursday it rained and it was a relief form the heat. Fish started biting again and several caught including a mirror of 32lb 8oz
Friday did not fish as we had to pack up and clean the villa ready for an early start (3 am) saturday.
These two weeks have been the highlight of my 60 years fishing and I don't expect to ever better them in the future. Still I can always hope!
3 x 40lb best 42lb
12 x 30lb best 39lb
16 x 20lb best 27lb 4oz
3 x sturgeon best 23lb
8 x up to 20lb best 19lb 8oz
Thank you Glen for all your help and advice and especially for the maize and pellet. You should patent it!
Thank you Linda for everything and especially for telling us about Emousse.

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Gary & Michala

Date Added: 3-09-2017

Gary Gaynor & Michala Hall
19 Aug - 2 September

Sadly on the way home from a fantastic 2 weeks holiday at Glen & Linda Miller "Etang Hirondelle" . Great accommodation, fantastic fishing and great company !
Weather was very hot the first week but the fishing was great
3x 30s, biggest 38 1/2lbs, 14x 20s, 1x 18lb and a 20llb Sturgeon. Brought along Lee Douthwaite for the first week, his first ever fishing trip to France & don't think it will be his last. Lee Douthwaite's PB was 10lb, it now 38 1/2lbs and his first fish was a Sturgeon which is his first too, safe to say he enjoyed his week.
Our second week was a mixed bag, weather hot one minute then pouring down with rain the next. We had some friends join us for an evening and along with Glen & Linda Miller & their friends enjoying a BBQ. Fish wise, I had more of a relaxed approach but still caught including a good Sturgeon 23lbs, Grass Carp and a lovely common.
Can't wait for next year, it can't come soon enough. I would like to thank our friends the Miller's for a wonderful holiday!

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Andrew Brazier & Barbara Brazier

Date Added: 13-08-2017

What a week!!
Andrew & Barbara Brazier
Weather has been variable with sun, drizzle, heavy showers and temp between 18° - 24°
Using a bait boat for the first time and took advice from Glen as to where to bait up, once decided the rods were marked up and I fished over the same mark all week. Baited with Glen's House Pellet & Maize and waited. WOW!! First fish 38lbs 12oz Mirror and they kept coming.
3 Fish over 40lbs - best was a 42lb
9 Fish over 30lbs - best was 39lbs
2 Sturgeon - best was 23lbs & the rest were in 20lbs bracket, only 2 orginials.
Only fished mostly from 5 - 9pm, at my age I am not night fishing.
Week 2 I will be following the same procedure and await events.

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Alan & John

Date Added: 2-08-2017

We had such a great time at 'Etang Hirondelle' and you both made it really special too! Thank you very much for all your friendly help!
We had a great week catching with 4 x 30+ carp, plenty of 20s and 5 Sturgeon (which are good fun)! The girls loved it too, especially Annie with her love affair with the donkeys and chickens! 😁
A brilliant time and yes we will return! 👍
Thanks again!

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Amery Family

Date Added: 15-07-2017

8 - 15 July
Carl Amery & Family
A fabulous week again, thoroughly enjoyed our holiday, weather was mixed but better for fishing.
32 fish caught including carp, grass carp and sturgeon.
Biggest carp 35lbs 13ozs with lots of other 30s and high 20s.
Thanks Glen & Linda and see you both again soon.

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Tracey & Derek Edwards

Date Added: 8-07-2017

24 June - 8 July comments

This is our 4th visit and wouldn't come anywhere else ! Our second home. Etang Hirondelle is an amazing place and its a privilege to be allowed to come, relax and catch fish.
Fishing days and into the early hours (Pellet & maize from Glen is excellent) Weather warm 34° first week and even hotter the second week !
We caught 37 fish - PB for Tracey , A whopping 45lbs 2ozs, PB previous 33lbs & PB Common carp 30lbs 2ozs !
For me 32lbs Mirror as well as a lovely Crician amoungst others.
No visit is not complete until you've caught a Sturgeon, one of our last fish of our holiday.
The plunge pool is a must on hot days.
All the animals are gorgeous, the baby chickens and of course the donkeys love visits.
Thank you Linda for our Sunday Roast and Fish n chips , lovely .
Never want to leave ! Booked already for next year & for 2019 for more memories to happen - An amazing fortnight !

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