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Late Avaialbility

Date Added: 4-06-2018

14 - 21 July 2018

For more information contact Linda Miller

Mr Hannaford

Date Added: 26-05-2018

John & Joyce Hannaford
May 19 - 21
Comments & Catch
Fished only days, weather very hot, made fishing hard. Caught some lovely fish, the highlight of the week cathing a 29lbs 12ozs Mirror off the top. Accommodation lovely, as is the lake , one of the best places we have stayed at in France. Great hosts, thanks you Linda for your lovely dinners.
Hope to see you again.

photos to follow

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Derek & Maggie Stritton

Date Added: 19-05-2018

Etang Hirondelle
Published by Etang Hirondelle · Just now ·
Derek & Maggie Stritton
May 5 - 19

As always we enjoyed a great stay at Etang Hirondelle. The weather was good, accommodation and food package excellent and hosts welcoming as always.
Fishing just days or part days, was pretty consistent with fish every day.
With 37 fish caught including a 44lbs 12ozs Mirror, 8 30's & 10 20's.
Looking forward to our next trip in September.

Photos to follow when I've downloaded them.

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"Its's got to be a 50!"

Date Added: 8-05-2018

APRIL 21st – 27th

We arrived at Etang Hirondelle in a heatwave to find a scene resembling a war zone. The fish were exploding out of the water, some landing on the bank, and others tearing up the bank-side vegetation as they carried out their spawning oblivious of everything except their need to procreate.

It was an amazing sight that went on for several days and put paid to any fishing until mid-week, when the temperature fell and torrential rain raised the water level by several inches.

As my wife and I are not hardened “Bivvy Boys” and enjoy our fishing to be fitted in around our holiday, this did not deter us and we had several days out visiting local attractions and exploring the many antique (junk?) shops in search of bargains.

However we did take the time to bait our favourite spots with Syrupy maize and Skretting pellets, mixed with crushed boilies.

The fishing was slow, as expected, but we caught some lovely original Common carp up to 18lb and were satisfied with our first week.

APRIL 28th – MAY 4th

The second week started with some good fish on the Saturday, the best being a 27lb mirror carp, but Sunday another stormy day reduced temperatures to only 6 deg and so we spent the day visiting a château which is being renovated by friends of Glen and Linda.

We didn’t fish on Monday but continued to bait our spots and on Tuesday we started fishing in the afternoon and between 1pm and 6pm had 8 fish up to 38lb.

Wednesday we spent visiting Chateaubriand and again it poured with rain and was very cold.

Thursday was warm and overcast and we had 12 fish up to 42lb 7oz with nothing below 22lb.

Our last day was sunny and cool and we fished from 11 am. Almost immediately I had a mirror carp of 44lb 10oz followed by a sturgeon of 23lb.

At approx 2.30pm both lines screamed out and my wife and I grabbed a rod each and were into big fish. Unfortunately our lines crossed resulting in mine breaking so I watched as my wife Barbara did battle with her fish.

I must say here that both of us are nearly seventy and Barbara suffers from Parkinson's Disease which is very debilitating but she played that fish for over 15 minutes as well if not better than the so-called experts. Glen was standing by with the net and I was ready to lend a hand if necessary and we were convinced that it was a “forty”. When we first saw it’s head we were in shock by the size of it and I know we were all praying that we could net it. After a tense few minutes when the line caught up on the fishes fin and pinged off as though the line had parted Glen got the net under it and we were absolutely stunned by the sheer size of the creature.

“It’s got to be over fifty” we cried in unison and attempted to lift the fish and net up to the cradle. The scales had previously been adjusted to account for the weight of the sling (not everybody does this!) and between us we lifted the sling onto the scale hook. The scales went down to 54lb before settling on 51lb 7oz.

The next problem was how to hold it for photos. None of us could lift it by ourselves and so we lifted it jointly and Linda took the photos.

This was a fish of a lifetime and even if it is bettered at some date it will still be the first to come out of Etang Hirondelle at over 50lbs.

We continued to fish and Glen caught his PB of 42lb which gave us all as much pleasure as the big one had.

All together we had 15 fish over 30lb (best 38lb x 2), 8 fish over 40lb (best 44lb 10oz), 1 fish 51lb 7oz. 3 sturgeon (best 24lb) and 11 fish between 5 and 28lb.

Our method is simple, cog weight system, D ring rig with a size 8 (YES 8) hook, I never use larger. 15mm boilie and plenty of bait. If you don’t bait up you wont catch, simple!

We only fish for a few hours every day and never at night and we are on holiday so we get out and about and enjoy ourselves.

Our thanks to Glen and Linda for all they do for us and their lake can well and truly be described as the best lake in the Paye de Loire if not in France. It now has the distinction of being the first lake in the area to produce a carp over 50lbs and the prospects of even larger fish must now be a reality. The fishing coupled with the excellent accommodation and food if you require it makes a package that cannot be beaten.

Roll on October.

Andrew & Barbara Brazier

North Cornwall

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50lbs+ Club !!!

Date Added: 4-05-2018

Today our client Barbara Brazier smashed not only her PB but caught a new lake record for Etang Hirondelle 51 1/2lbs Mirror Carp!

We are thrilled to bits!!

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Discounted week

Date Added: 26-04-2018

We are advertising the week commencing
Sat 9 - Sat 16 June at the discounted price 950€!

This is for up to 4 people, max 3 people fishing, exclusive use of the lake and accommodation. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Linda.

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Bob & Mark

Date Added: 22-04-2018

7 - 14 April 2018

Despite the fish not fully cooperating we have had a wonderful week. Beautiful Lake, great accommadation and amazing food, thank you Linda!

Week went to quick, as always but we look forward to returning.

Biggest fish Fish caught 32.4lbs, 31.2lbs, 24.8 & a 22.8lbs Sturgeon. We also had a couple of original Commons.

Thank you to you all, wonderful hosts, see you again soon.

Andy T

Date Added: 22-04-2018

14 - 21 April

My second visit of the year to Etang Hirondelle, wet and cold weather greeted me on arrival, temps as low as 2° by mid week the sun was out, it was hot and temps had risen to 28°.

Despite the weather conditions the biggest fish caught was a stunning silver Common carp, 38lbs, 35lbs Mirror and 22lbs Sturgeon.

Thank you Glen and Linda for another enjoyable week & for looking after me, Linda, the food was amazing.

See you soon Andy T

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