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Fishing and Christmas Markets

Date Added: 19-11-2014

Christmas Shopping week!!
Why not combine your fishing holiday with visits to 2 local Christmas Markets....up to 70 stalls offering beautiful gifts made by local Artisans and all different types of gastronomic delights produced in the region all with Twinkling lights, fir trees and festive cheer!.....You may also like to visit the busy Boutiques and Brocantes for that special gift in the Historic Towns of Laval, Craon and Chateau Gontier.
Date: Sunday 7 - Sunday 14 Dec
The cost for up to 4 people 850euros....for more details please do not hesitate to contact Linda

The Hughs family Holiday

Date Added: 4-11-2014

It was great to see the Hughs family back for another holiday. The fishing was patchy perhaps caused by the high Temps we have been havng, felt more like June then October!The House Pellet brought the fish on, Fish caught largest just over 38lbs, some 20s, original stock and some roach.

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Andrew T's Holiday

Date Added: 19-10-2014

Andrew & Diane Thorpe

As always had a lovely time. Weather was mixed, storms, rain, sunshine, cold & hot. Hard fun with my new bait boat although not needed as fish feeding well within casting range. Reluctant to leave as weather is glorious for October & fish are topping!
Fish caught: 6 30's biggest being 38lbs, number of 20's and upper doubles plus 2 Sturgeon.
Thank you Glen and see you again soon

Bait @ Etang Hirondelle ......from Derek Stritton

Date Added: 2-10-2014

Linda and Glen asked me if I would put together a short piece about baits I used on my recent visit to their lovely new venue “Hirondelle.”
For all of my visits to France these days I rely on baits from “Mainline.” And please don’t think I am writing this as an advert for their products, obviously I use them because they are good baits, but as I said at the outset I was asked to write this. In the past I’ve had great success in France using Maple 8, but as the company discontinued that this year I made the change over to Hybrid, and took 30 kilos with me for the week. I also used them on a trip earlier in the year to another venue and did well. As always I took a mix of 15mls and 18mls, as well as some pop ups. In the end I didn’t actually use the pop ups, but it’s always a good idea to carry some.
Because Hirondelle is small enough to be able to use a catapult for baiting up, that was exactly what I did. When fishing relatively well stocked lakes like Linda and Glens, I like to work on the “little and often baiting routine” which I’ve seen used so successfully by match anglers over the years. I also like to spread my free offerings around the spots I’m fishing in order to keep the fish looking and searching. Because I fished three different spots at Hirondelle, I regularly scattered baits into them during quieter periods and after I’d just landed a fish. When putting out free offerings I mix the 18 and 15ml boilies together. I then used an 18ml hook bait and circular stringers of 15ml baits with the 18mls boilie in the middle. I wasn’t using chods or helicopter rigs, and this approach always helps to keep my longer hook links and running leads from tangling.
I deliberately chose to fish each rod on a different spot, which I selected after watching the lake for a while after my arrival. Two rods were on margin spots, the third an area where I noticed fish bubbling. As I didn’t fish through the night, when I reeled in each evening after dark I gave each spot a liberal dosing of bait. Then when I got into the swim each morning I just cast out a stringer and waited a while before baiting up again. Several times I had action straight away, after which I scattered more baits. If nothing happened I topped up the swim after about an hour.
As there were only two of us fishing the lake I always keep another rod set up, and use it from time to time to cast at fish which show other than in my baited area. [Just want to stress here I only do this if I’m not invading another anglers space or territory]. I had an extra couple of fish by doing this, but not loads.
Apart from watching the lake when I’m fishing, I always spend a bit of time tying up my stringers, so I have a bank of them, this means I can get the rods out quickly after I have landed a fish, or when I arrive to start the day.
I discovered a few years ago that I can tie up stringers at home, before a trip. Wrap them in kitchen towel, before putting them in a freezer bag for freezing to keep them fresh. This saves me loads of time on arrival and gets me fishing quickly while others are still setting up. [The PVA string I use is from a company called “Coopers” not an advert, as I buy the stuff like anyone else, but it is very good PVA string]. I get mine from a shop called “Robertson’s” in Dagenham Essex.
Well that’s about it really. Nothing too special, but it works for me. As you can probably guess from reading this I’m what the current scene refers to as “Old School.” I’m sure there will be other visitors to Hirondelle who approach their fishing completely differently and who catch just as many or more fish than me. That’s the great thing about carp fishing you pays your money and takes your choice. All I would say to anyone visiting the venue that is new to carp fishing, is don’t over complicate things. Linda and Glen are great hosts, enjoy your holiday! By the way Linda’s meals are great too. Enjoy!

Derek Stritton

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Jimmy Chapman

Date Added: 29-09-2014

Jimmy, Jenna @ Samuel Chapman 6 - 13 Sept 2014
May I take this opportunity to thank you once again for a lovely stay. We really enjoyed it, including Samuel who loved playing on the bank every day and going for a swim.

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Rick & Nicki

Date Added: 27-09-2014

20 - 27 Sept

Having read the reviews online we wee expecting a fantastic holiday in wonderful surroundings and we were not disappointed!!

In total, over the week we caught well over 40 fish and probably lost as many. It was great to be able to fish undisturbed in the company of some amazing wildlife.

Really glad we opted for the "Meals on Reels" Linda's cooking is superb.

The Villa is beautiful and has everything you could possibly want if you wished to stay in.

All in all a fantastic holiday and can't wait to come back soon!

Barry & Alison

Date Added: 20-09-2014

WEEK 13 - 20 Sept.

Amazing, We have had a wonderful week, great weather, great fishing in a beautiful setting.
Enormous credit to Glen & Linda as they have set up this place and I don't think it could be better.
Linda, Thank you for the lovely food!!
In total we caught 31 fish, the biggest being 34lbs, 16 20+lbders
A 22lbs Grass carp which I ave never caught before and a 16lbs Sturgeon ..again I wanted to catch one and a Great Tan!!

Thanks and can't wait to be back next year!

Derek Stritton & Family

Date Added: 15-09-2014

Derek & Maggie Stritton, Jimmy, Jenna & Sam Charman
Sat 6 - Sat 13 Sept

We had a really great week. The Villa was excellent, the sun shone every day. Linda's breakfast and meals were great.

We only fished days and the Carp came out to play every day!
We landed 64 Carp, both Miror and Commons in total , Biggest just under 37lbs Mirror, Grass Carp and Sturgeon.
Hope to be back next year.

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