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Date Added: 14-05-2014

Mid week News.......It is great to see our Dutch Clients here and they are not disappointed. They were speechless when they saw Etang Hirondelle for the first time on Saturday. They love our new venue and the Lakeside Villa!
Fishing began on Sunday and have had various Carp, including a Grass at 22lbs and the biggest Mirror was Caught today at 37lbs before that the biggest was 34lbs......They have also caught a Sturgeon. Photos will follow soon

Sean & John

Date Added: 27-04-2014

Comment from the Wooden and Wrench Families.
19 - 26 April
Great week again. The new venue is great and also has loads of charm.The Villa is perfect and the Fishing Hectic!
All in all 59 fish biggest being 37.8lbs Mirror
Great Hosts , see you again next year.

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The Hughs family Holiday

Date Added: 25-04-2014

It was great to see the Hugh's Family....Here is their comments
12 - 19 April 2014
Thank you for yet another lovely Holiday! The Lake and Villa are both wonderful. We have had fantastic weather and great fishing.We caught a number of 20's biggest being 28lbs Common, Jordan 26.5lbs and William (age9) 21lbs Mirror.....William also caught some orginals and a Pike. See you again soon.

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McCarthy Family's Holiday Report

Date Added: 15-04-2014

Mccarthy Family's Comments and Catch Report: 5 - 12 April 2014

Thanks for a lovely weeks holiday. The Villa is beautiful and has a perfect layout for the children (ages 5 & 3) to come and go as they please. Fantastic fishing! Fished the house swim & fished to the margins & caught most of the fish there. Didn't fish all day and no night fishing. Don't be afraid to put the bait in, use the House pellet which switches the fish on.
Plenty of places to visit, recommend Refuge de l'arche...the kids love it! Try Meals on Reels, fantastic! Can't wait to visit again!
Shirley's fish just under 24lbs
3x30s Biggest 39lbs
11x20s Biggest 29lbs
10 original stock Biggest lbs......They put up a fight!

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First Guest of the season

Date Added: 31-03-2014

Our first guest arrived on 26 March.
He has been only fishing during the day and has already caught numerous original stock, small Commons & Mirror Carp, 20's up to 28lbs Mostly Mirrors and 30's the largest being 38lbs.

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Brittany Ferry code

Date Added: 28-02-2014

To all our clients

If you need to use Brittany Ferries we do have a code available which can get you up to 20%off your fare, contact us for deatils

Fish Pics

Date Added: 16-01-2014

We have added a few up to date photos of fish onto our Facebook page.

We also hope to have more information and photos for our website soon.....Thanks Glen

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Date Added: 10-12-2013

millersfrenchfishingholidays website will be updated with new information and photos regarding our new venue "Etang Hirondelle" in the New Year

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