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Micheal Van de Perre

Date Added: 9-08-2014

Micheal Van de Perre
Really enjoyed our stay here, weather sunny, hot except friday. We all had a great time. Caught 25 big fish and some original stock, no sturgeon. Thanks Glen for the advice, the house pellet and maize is good.

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Dave Van de Perre

Date Added: 4-08-2014

We had a great time at the new lake, its better then the Two Donkeys...........caught 54 over 10kilos , Sturgeon and originals.
The Villa has everything you need and is right by the lake. We did no night fishing.......We will be back in 2016!

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Date Added: 27-07-2014

Date …. Thursday 14th August 2014
Venue …. Lemington Lakes
Address …. Todenham Road,
GL56 9NP
Cost …. £10 per car
Times …. 9-00a.m. till 5-00p.m

Lemington Lakes is a stunning complex set amongst the beautiful Cotswolds countryside. It was a venue Kevin loved to fish.
Kevin was without doubt one of the most popular angling journalists and presenters in the last few years. His work at both Angling Times and Improve Your Coarse Fishing was always top class, and his TV work on both Predators and Carp Crew universally popular. Kevin also had a passion for helping other anglers, just look at his involvement in the “Fish Camps” and many other coaching events.
Kevin made many friends in the angling trade, for his enthusiasm and professionalism so when the idea of a memorial days fishing came about, the response has been awesome.
The result, possibly the best gathering of top class anglers and coaches fishing together that the country has seen for many a year.
Kevin’s day is not a match, it is not a show selling gear … It is top class anglers and coaches sharing their passion for the sport that Kevin loved!

What a Line-up of Angling Stars
On Sunset Lake (Fishing for Tench using a variety of methods)
Mick Brown, Jan Porter, Julian Chidgey, Rich Wilby and Nigel Botherway
On Abbey Lake (General Coarse Fishing)
Bob Roberts, Alex Bones, Dave Batten, James Robbins, Adam Fisher and 4 top ATA Angling Coaches
On Bishops Lake (Fishing for Specimen Carp)
Terry Hearn and Ian MacMillan
On Westminster Lake (Fishing for Carp or demonstrating rig and bait making)
Gary Bayes, Bill Cottam, Bryan Jarrett, Andrew Endean, Chuck Backhouse, Jon Jones, Ian Russell, Simon Scott, Alan Blair, Julian Cundiff, Graham Drewery, James Armstrong and Bernard Sisson.
Also attending
Mick Rouse, Brian Skoyles, Martyn Skoyles, and reporting on the day Kevin’s friends from Angling Times and Improve Your Coarse Fishing, Sky TV’s Tight Lines, Talk Sport’s Fisherman’s Blues, and Angling Publications.
It’s your chance to meet many of Kevin’s friends, watch them fish or just chat to them, watch demonstrations close-up, and if you are a beginner have some expert coaching.
It’s promises to be a very special day, whether you are an experienced angler or just starting, get together with your mates, or come as a family, fill a car it’s just £10 and come along, help make Kevin’s Day something we all remember, a celebration of a very special person.
Lemington Lakes has an onsite café and excellent toilet facilities.

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Anthony Miller

Date Added: 19-07-2014

That fish was one of eight caught during a four or five hour evening stint. I managed to lose two also, being a bit rusty!

The eight were between 21 and 36 lbs, with some smaller fish also being caught. This was the result of pre-baiting, having put out a bucket and a half of house pellet, and a couple of handfuls of boilies on each of the three rods two days previously. The wind changed direction, the sun came out and the fish went barmy! Oh, and each fish took well over 15 mins to bring in, with the 36lbs shooting off like a rocket and then staying deep, within 10 feet of the bank for ages... that feel when the line bounces off the fins and goes limp for a second... haha ! well done John!

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Derek & Tracey Edwards-Bait Used

Date Added: 8-07-2014

CC Moore's xxx & Equinox freezer baits in 15ml & 18ml. The House Pellet & Maize available on site from Glen. Sweetcorn. We used 14kgs of Boilies, 8 buckets of House Pellet, 2 buckets of Maize & 10 tins of Sweetcorn. I know this sounds alot but the more you put in the faster the bites. We both fished with 2 Rods and sometimes you could not get all of the 4 rods out due to catching the fish.
Hope you enjoy your stay as much as us!

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Derek & Tracey Edwards

Date Added: 5-07-2014

Derek & Tracey Edwards 28th June - 5 July
Fish caught 60 up to 32lbs......Sturgeon, Grass Carp, Crucian, Mirrors and Commons, no night fishing.
Had a wonderful week, lovely lake, Villa, Just outstanding with amazing views of the lake. Weather on arrival thunder storms but soon the sun shone and it got very hot! Fish loved the maize when we switched from the bolies, they also loved the House Pellet too. Did a bit of surface floater fishing and got them feeding ontop - great fun.
Just fantastic, don't want to leave and booked to come back for 2 weeks in 2016!

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Brian Skoyles Article

Date Added: 1-07-2014

I Made a Right Dog’s Dinner out of That!
Part of me likes fishing venues I know well, but another part of me prefers the added challenge that comes from coming to terms with a new venue, so there was an added sense of interest as Liz and I slowly drove down the narrow road to Etang Hirondelle, the new venue of Glen and Linda Miller. We’d not had the best of journeys as we’d got lost twice, but we’d made it and as we pulled to a halt Glen and Linda came to greet us.
“Do you want to see the house first or the lake?” said Linda.
“Lake please” I said.
“House please” Liz said.
We had an easy solution, Glen and I headed to the lake, Liz and Linda disappeared into the house.
What a beautiful lake was my first comment. Some lakes you fish because they have huge fish, some because they have a lot of fish, regardless of the stock, Etang Hirondelle just had to be fished, it just oozed atmosphere. I had a very good feeling about the week to come, but there was still one hurdle to overcome.
It’s only fair if you are on a family fishing week that everybody is happy, so when we returned to the house I asked Liz the crucial question, what’s the house like?
“Lovely” was the reply.
I could relax, my good feeling for the week ahead had just got even better. Time for a mug of tea and a sort out. Sometime later everything is unpacked, and we went to stock up at the local supermarket. This time I got lost finding it, but at least we got back without a hitch. Time to get fishing.
I put a lot of thought and effort into bait application when I have several days fishing ahead of me. I like routine and I’m convinced that fish will quickly respond to a regular food supply so it was on with the life jacket, into the boat and out for a good look around. I drifted down the overhanging trees which looked promising, but it was the open water that excited me. From the boat I could clearly see several patches of bubbles and areas of coloured water. A check of the depth gave me about 11ft where I had seen the coloured water and at about 60yds from the house swim it was a comfortable cast. I decided to look no further, I had my main area, so it was out with the scoop and in with a generous scattering of Nutrabaits Trigga ATS boilies and the pellets supplied by Glen and Linda. Back on dry land it was time for tea.
I intended to do the night, so I wasn’t in too much of a rush to get cast out, but by mid-evening I was sorted and sat looking out over the lake. One again I was struck by how beautiful the lake was and I was also very happy at the amount of topping going on over my baited area. I’d only been sat there an hour or so when I’ve got a one-toner and my first fish of the trip, at a little over twenty pounds I was well pleased. Over the next four hours I had three more takes, another twenty and two smaller fish. I started to have a re-think about doing the full night, old age was kicking in, and I was getting seriously tired. One more take produced another twenty and also made my mind up. I wound the rods in, had a quick tidy up and retired to the house.
My early start turned out to be a leisurely mid-morning, after all I was on holiday, and in fact I only fished for about three hours as the afternoon was a Miller family barbi to which we were invited. It turned out to be one of the highlights of the week. Lovely food, lovely company and the odd beer or two! My plans to fish after the barbi changed into a might fish after the barbi and finally became I’ll fish in the morning.
During the afternoon I was introduce to John Whitty another of Glen and Linda’s barbi guests. John was obviously a keen angler and had already fished Etang Hirondelle so we spent time chatting tackle and tactics and I invited John to join me for some of the fishing in the coming days.
John had obviously completely over estimated my ability to get up in the morning as I suspect he had been ready to start long before I blearily emerged on the Monday morning, but we soon got the rods out and had a thoroughly enjoyable session taking alternate takes on my rods, before winding in around lunchtime. Liz and I took a ride out to Etang de la Rincerie for a bit of lunch and spent some time watching some seriously mad water-boarders. Back at the lake I met up with John again for a bit of margin stalking for a couple of hours. A couple of grains of sweetcorn fished under a small waggler float fooled a nice 17 plus mirror, great fun.
The week was starting to take shape. The fishing was prolific with a range of hard fighting fish from some of the original scamps (mostly commons from mid singles to low doubles) and some of the more recently stocked bigger fish (best in the first two days just under 25lbs). My routine was also starting to take shape, main bait up late afternoon, top up in the morning. Fish the morning, wind in and rest the swim for the afternoon. Main rods out early evening, fish into the night stopping when I’d had enough.
Tuesday morning we headed out to La Guerche-de-Bretagne, one of our favourite markets and stocked up on a large spit roast chicken, local breads, and various other goodies including two delicious looking ½ inch thick slices of smoked roast pork, just the smell of it made me hungry!
Back at the lake, Liz suggested I get the rods out and she’d bring my lunch out to the swim, I wasn’t going to refuse that offer, so I followed orders and got the rods out. Liz popped out with the smoked roast pork and I sat there thinking it was perfect holiday fishing, nice weather, a lovely lake and delicious food ... when I got a one toner. It was the usual scramble to the rod, the tweaking of the clutch to slow the run, and the fight was on. Everything was going to plan as I gradually gained line on another hard fighting Etang Hirondelle carp when for some reason I glanced behind me. Coco the Miller’s dog was eating my roast pork, this was serious! I shout to Liz!
“The dog’s eating my dinner”!
The only response … laughter! …… I didn’t think it was funny!
As I landed the fish Liz arrived, still laughing.
“You made a right dog’s dinner out of that!” was not what I wanted to hear!
Wednesday was to be a bit different, in that we were going to try to do a bit of filming of our fishing. Liz and Linda would be on the camera, Ryan (Linda and Glen’s younger son), would join me for an afternoons fishing. It all went to plan and we caught some nice fish, which hopefully we will edit and put up in the near future. I think Ryan and I enjoyed it, I’m not so sure about Liz and Linda!
That evening we feasted outside on Linda’s superb Beef Bourguignon then John, Glen and I sat out behind the rods for a few hours again catching some nice fish to mid-twenties.
Thursday sort of just came and went. I watched Glen and friends put up the new swimming pool and did a bit of fishing in the morning. After a bit of lunch Liz and I drove across to Bertie to have a social with Tony and Jean, Glen’s mum and dad. It was a lovely afternoon, it’s always nice to meet up with Tony and Jean, and put the world to rights! Back at Etang Hirondelle we had a barbi and I put the rods out, but as usual ran out of energy around midnight and retired for some sleep.
Friday, and in many ways the last afternoon sums up what makes Etang Hirondelle such a perfect family fishing venue.
I’d spent the morning gradually packing my main gear away, so that by lunchtime everything was sorted, with just my stalking gear left ready to use. Liz and I sat outside and had a bit of lunch, then I met up with John for an afternoon of margin stalking.
We headed out to the far margin and positioned two baits close to the trees. The rods hadn’t been out long before the rod was sliding along the bank. I grabbed it and we had fish one, a small common. We move to the next gap in the trees and this time it was John’s turn with a mid-double mirror. The sun was warming up the opposite margin so we headed there next. Again we positioned our baits close in and scattered a few freebies around the hook-baits. It wasn’t long before the spool was spinning and I was playing an angry fish, when it came clear out of the water we simultaneously said ….
It was, and I had upset it!
After the sturgeon had been photographed and returned, we stood watching the water.
“Is that bubbling?” John said.
We both kept watching the water, and yes it was. I catty’d out some sweetcorn midway between the bubbling and the bank and a few minutes later some bubbles appeared in the area, it was time for the float gear.
With the float settled in the area we stood watching, we didn’t have long to wait. The float dipped a couple of times, nothing, it dipped again, lifted and then slid away, the perfect bite! I struck and a powerful fish headed for the middle …. Magic!
After several anxious moments an immaculate 25lb mirror was in the net, what a fabulous end to the holiday.
It was time to pack the car and get ready for an early drive to St Malo in the morning.
We spent the evening with Glen, Linda and their friends John and Richard, having a meal under the barn, the perfect end to a perfect week.
Glen and Linda are obviously very proud of their new venue …. They have every right to be!
Brian Skoyles (June 14)
For the record we had ….
16 Scamps (Original stock carp mostly high single commons)
14 Mid to Upper doubles
24 Twenties (Best just over 25lbs)
And 2 Sturgeon (Both mid doubles)
Hook-baits were mostly Nutrabaits Trigga ATS/White spice combo’s
Baiting up in the middle was mostly Trigga ATS boilies and Pellets.
In the margins sweetcorn and pellets.
Rigs were simple leadclip/tubing set-ups with fluorocarbon hook-lengths.
The open water area was weed free, light silt, but nothing to cause problems with presentation.

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Photos of the pool

Date Added: 21-06-2014

Just a couple of pics of the pool for exclusive use for our guests.

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