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The Hughs family Holiday

Date Added: 25-04-2014

It was great to see the Hugh's Family....Here is their comments
12 - 19 April 2014
Thank you for yet another lovely Holiday! The Lake and Villa are both wonderful. We have had fantastic weather and great fishing.We caught a number of 20's biggest being 28lbs Common, Jordan 26.5lbs and William (age9) 21lbs Mirror.....William also caught some orginals and a Pike. See you again soon.

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McCarthy Family's Holiday Report

Date Added: 15-04-2014

Mccarthy Family's Comments and Catch Report: 5 - 12 April 2014

Thanks for a lovely weeks holiday. The Villa is beautiful and has a perfect layout for the children (ages 5 & 3) to come and go as they please. Fantastic fishing! Fished the house swim & fished to the margins & caught most of the fish there. Didn't fish all day and no night fishing. Don't be afraid to put the bait in, use the House pellet which switches the fish on.
Plenty of places to visit, recommend Refuge de l'arche...the kids love it! Try Meals on Reels, fantastic! Can't wait to visit again!
Shirley's fish just under 24lbs
3x30s Biggest 39lbs
11x20s Biggest 29lbs
10 original stock Biggest lbs......They put up a fight!

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First Guest of the season

Date Added: 31-03-2014

Our first guest arrived on 26 March.
He has been only fishing during the day and has already caught numerous original stock, small Commons & Mirror Carp, 20's up to 28lbs Mostly Mirrors and 30's the largest being 38lbs.

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Brittany Ferry code

Date Added: 28-02-2014

To all our clients

If you need to use Brittany Ferries we do have a code available which can get you up to 20%off your fare, contact us for deatils

Fish Pics

Date Added: 16-01-2014

We have added a few up to date photos of fish onto our Facebook page.

We also hope to have more information and photos for our website soon.....Thanks Glen

Website link:


Date Added: 10-12-2013

millersfrenchfishingholidays website will be updated with new information and photos regarding our new venue "Etang Hirondelle" in the New Year

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Brian Skoyles Write_up

Date Added: 8-12-2013

A few days fun fishing at Etang Les Bouffetieres
Fishing doesn’t have to be hard work, sometimes it’s great to just relax, fish a bit but not take it too seriously. Les Bouffetieres is a perfect venue for “chill out” fishing. A small heavily stocked venue where you are never far away from a decent fish, so when a few days became available for a short stay I immediately put it in the diary. A plan started to take shape when Martyn my son said he was in France at the same time with his partner Jenn and they would pop in for a couple of days as well.
Glen and Linda Miller have made a fabulous job of developing Les Bouffetieres into prolific family friendly venue. Immaculate accommodation for any non-fishing members of the party, a beautifully landscaped site, and a small heavily stocked lake that lends itself to a range of styles. No need for bivvied up 24/7 hard core carping, just relax and enjoy!
We arrived mid-afternoon on the Saturday and pottered about so that by early evening we were organised. I had a stroll round the lake and spotted several good carp feeding on the shallows. Back at the Gite I set up a couple of rods ready for the morning and we settled to enjoy one of Linda Millers fabulous meals. (Linda runs a “Meals on Reels” service and trust me the food is brilliant!)
Sunday was going to be a bit of a muddled day. I could manage a bit of fishing, then we were off to Laval station to pick up Martyn and Jenn, chances are we would have a bite to eat in Laval. Then back to the lake, give Martyn and Jenn a quick walk round, then off to Etang Bertie for a social evening with Tony and Jean Miller. We suspected that would involve too much food, too much drink and a late return … we were looking forward to it!
We were spot on in our prediction and it was well after dark when we returned “stuffed full” to Les Bouffetieres, we’d make an early start in the morning …. In my case possibly!
Monday morning Martyn was out and fishing well before me, no change there then. I wandered to the far end of the lake where Martyn was fishing. He hadn’t caught yet, but the bubbling in the area was amazing. Just stood there watching I was convinced that any minute Martyn would be in, but it was one of those times when the fish were so preoccupied that despite lots of twitches on the line, the expected run never came. We moved to an area we could both put a rod out from and after a short wait Martyn was in.
After a while it became obvious that Martyn was not playing a carp, but a sturgeon, and quite a good one at that. Eventually it was landed, photographed then it was time for some bacon butties!
Since meeting Martyn, Jenn had started to take an interest in carp fishing and had had a few trips back in the UK catching carp into double figures. On the drive back from the station Jenn had declared her intention to improve her pb. Martyn and I had drawn lots to see who would be helping Jenn, I’d lost, so it was time to collect Jenn from her donkey feeding duties to catch that new pb.
The shallows looked the best bet so armed with a basic float set-up and a second light leger rod we walked slowly round the bank looking for feeding fish. It wasn’t difficult as several fish were stirring up the silt along the margin. I suggested we try the float first as it would cause less disturbance as the fish were so close in. A few minutes later we were sat on the grass with the rod between us and the float nicely settled about 2ft off the rod end. I double checked the clutch for Jenn, I knew what to expect, Jenn didn’t. If we got a bite I was going to enjoy Jenn’s reaction!
I wasn’t disappointed, without warning, the water exploded and between us we grabbed the rod … magic! After our initial panic Jenn played the fish on the light gear to perfection and I was able to net a mirror of 15/8, Jenn had her new pb but that was only half of the story as a while later the afternoon got even better as Jenn’s pb went through the 20lb barrier with a common of 24lbs. We did a group picture before returning to the Gite for a celebratory cup of tea.
Since arriving on the Saturday I’d been looking forward to the Tuesday, it was a market day. Nearby La Guerche-de-Bretagne hosts one of the biggest markets in the area, and I love wandering about French markets, although the range of breads, cakes, crepes and galettes do not do my waistline any good. The market was huge, packed and as expected I gave in to the delicious smells from some of the food stalls. Jenn and I also tested our French at a large spit roast stall. We could not resist two of the delicious “poulet” and a rather large tub of the “roasties” cooking in the fat dripping down over them. The evening meal was sorted.
Back on the lake Martyn and I had a few more hours fishing, I had a nice double from the shallows, then it was back to the Gite for the Chickens and “French roasties”. We returned, rather slowly, to the rods and just after dark, I had a twenty … a nice end to the day!
Wednesday it was back to Laval, to drop Martyn and Jenn off at the station, and a riverside lunch. We got back to the lake mid-afternoon and I picked up the float rod and headed for the shallows. I’d enjoyed watching Jenn float fishing and fancied a few hours myself.
As before the set-up was as simple as it gets with a small crystal waggler and some tungsten putty moulded around a pole elastic stop knot. Bait a single grain of maize. I went for a walk round and like the previous two days there were fish stirring up the silt on the shallows. I settled on the grass, well back from the edge and gently underhand swung the float out. Laying the rod on the grass I slackened the clutch off and threw out a few grain of maize, took the top off a small beer and just sat watching the float. There were two or three fish disturbing the silt in the general area but for a while the float remained stationary but then a puff of silt just beyond the float as it lifted then slid away. As I reached for the rod the water exploded and the spool started spinning. A while later I’ve a nice twenty in the net. On 8lb line and a float set-up, I was well pleased!
An hour or so later I was in again, this time a fish of about 16lbs. time to go back to the Gite for another of Linda’s mega meals.
Thursday was a combination of a bit of fishing and a leisurely pack up, but two fish still came to the net, a nice sturgeon and a low twenty mirror.
It had been a lovely break, no pressure fishing, the perfect combination of holiday activities and fun fishing. We spent the evening socializing with Glen and Linda, before an early night, as we had a day ferry to catch in the morning. One last job before we said our farewells, check availability for 2014!
Brian Skoyles (August 2013)

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Les Bouffetieres


Date Added: 14-10-2013

New Venue!
Etang Hirondelle…………..
Due to a huge surge station going up at the end of our drive way, Glen and I felt that the future of Les Bouffetieres is insecure, therefore we took the hard decision to sell Les Bouffetieres.
On a happier note our new property “Etang Hirondelle” is just 20 minutes away at Bonchamp-les-Craon 53. We are very excited about it and hope all our clients will be to.
The lake is larger than at Les Bouffetieres , at 3acres. Around the lake are magnificent trees and a small woodland. The lake will be stocked with a good head of carp from upper teens to Mid 40s. There will be also plenty of coarse fish and sturgeon. At this moment we have no photos of the fish but these along with interior photos of the villa will be available in the New Year. Depths on the lake are up to an amazing 5 metres.
The villa, like the cottage at Les Bouffetieres is Lakeside and is on one level, and is of open plan. We shall be up grading the kitchen and fitting dishwasher, washing machine, mic, cooker, and fridge freezer. In the lounge area there is a double fire place with wood burner, satellite Tv and Wifi. The bathroom has a shower and separate Wc. There are 3 bedrooms, 1 Double, 1 Twin and a smaller bedroom with 1 single. The whole Villa has a Rustic feel. Outside the Villa there is a terrace area and we shall also be installing a swimming pool over looking the lake.
We hope that our reputation speaks volumes and our clients both new and returning will be happy to enjoy their holidays at our new venue.
The Price of a weeks holiday for up to 4 people with Exclusive use of the Lake, Villa and Pool costs 1250euros . I am now taking bookings for the remaining weeks for 2014.
The website will be relaunched over the Christmas holidays.

Glen & I would like to thank all our clients who have supported us throughout the years and hope we will see you at Etang Hirondelle.

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