Video Clips...

The following page contains a selection of video clips featuring anglers and their families while on carp and coarse fishing holidays with Millers French Fishing Holidays.

Overview of Etang Hirondelle

Date added: 12-11-2016

A great view form above

An Afternoon on Etang Hirondelle

Date added: 1-02-2015

A short Dvd filmed with Brian Skyoles on his Holiday.

Etang Hirondelle 2014

Date added: 1-01-2015

Heres a look back at our first season at our new venue "Etang Hirondelle"

Andrew T's Holiday

Date added: 14-05-2014

A selection of photos from his stay

Wooden & Wrench Families Holiday

Date added: 14-05-2014

This is Part One of Sean & John's Fantastic Fishing!